A late interview

May 19, 2010

Interviewer: Sanna Persson

Interviewee: Rickard Sjögren

Date: May 18, 2010

Place: At our home

Tell me, what are some typical signs of spring for you?

Well, the most obvious would be when the snow melts away. Other than that, I guess it is when things start to spire and grow. Though, according to the famous song, that doesn’t mean that spring has arrived. Another sure sign of spring to me is when the sun actually warms you up.

Do you get spring feelings when you see that flowers and stuff are starting to pop up?

A couple of days ago I was out walking and noticed this green area. It had a big patch of grass totally covered in flowers. It hit me then how much colour actually was in the spring. That never happens during any other period of the year.

Are you affected in any other way by the spring colours?

No, but I think many people do feel happier and such, but I don’t feel anything out of the ordinary.

So, no emotional response, how about a habitual one?

I wear less clothes as the warmth progresses and don’t feel as iffy about going outside. My crazy friends want me to join them on the beach just because the temperature has risen some. The sun being out longer makes me a bit more prone to stay up longer too.


Yet another…

April 27, 2010

Name: Max Magnusson

Date: 27/4 – 2010

Location: My bed

I’m lying here and admiring the weather, oh how fun springtime is!

Nice weather

Naah, i’m gonna close my window now… It’s nicer to look at my computer screen, that’s where my friend Gregory House (he’s a doctor!!) lives… *aaatchoo*

An awkward interview..

April 25, 2010

Interviewer: Johan Svensson

Person interviewed: Olof Stålgren

Location: Långsjön

Date: 23/4 17:00

Excuse me, can I ask you a couple of questions about spring?

Uhm…yea sure.

What is spring to you?

I guess its better weather, snow melting away, being able to sit outside on my balcony and have a cup of coffee. Oh, and girls start wearing skirts.

What was the first real sign of spring for you this year?

It was probably when I noticed that the huge icicle hanging over by balcony was actually melting!

So in what ways do you change your daily routine when spring comes?

First of all I start wearing sneakers light jackets. I guess I go out a lot more too, and I also love when I can change the tires on my car, that usually tells me that the winter is over.

What do you mean you go out more?

Well you know, go out with my friends in the weekend, go for walks, and just meet a lot more people in general when spring comes.

So do you have anything special planned for this spring or any special goals?

Nope not really, except that I promised myself that I would stop using Snus by the end of May.

So if could only name one thing, what is your favorite thing about spring?

Brighter days!

Sounds like SPRINGsteen

April 23, 2010

Name: Fredrik Göthner

Location: Vasastan

Time: 1 pm

I don’t have any pictures of Bruce, so a video will have to do

For me, every season is accompanied by an artist or singer that I listen to a little more than everything else. Later, when I hear that specific artist, it usually brings back the feeling of that part of my life. This spring I rediscovered Bruce Springsteen, and especially the song in the video above.

Spring break, indoors

April 22, 2010

Name: Jesper Norrwie

Date: 3-7/4

Place: My sofa

SED: #1

Okey, so the thing is, I’m really into video games and I’ve been ever since I got my first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (AKA NES 8-bit) on my fourth birthday. The problem for me has been that the older I get, the less time I have to play my games. When I lived with my parents and went to school the breaks always meant late nights with my friends playing video games. But when you’re not living with your parents anymore, it’s now up to you to pay the rent so you pretty much have to work on all school breaks. Last summer I had one week of vacation. Last winter break I had three days vacation over the holidays. So when it was time for spring break I really felt that I wanted (wanted) to spend some quality time (late nights) with my TV and Playstation 3 to make up for lost time.  Saturday to Wednesday looked pretty much the same. Woke up, ate a late breakfast, turned on the TV and PS3, played ‘til I had to eat again, went back to playing and continued until I got tired and went to bed. I didn’t care about the weather outside because this is how I wanted to spend these days and that’s what I did, and I sure had a blast!

Name: Olle Danielsson

Date: 2010-03-24

Time: 19.54

Place: My crib

Interviewer: Thérèse Fleetwood

What does spring mean to you? Butterflies, green trees and of course a lot of After Work-beer with friends and co-workers.

If you would describe spring with three words, what would they be? Light, love and beer!

What is the best way to celebrate spring? At a chill-out homeparty like this with strawberry daiquiris and a lot of laughter!

You sound like an alcoholic now Olle, you have mentioned alcohol in every answer… Oh, no well I’m not an alcoholic. I’m very fond of Spring Drinks like S.D.

Except alcohol, what do you find a pleasure in doing during spring? Well, I love working out, especially at Friskis & Svettis. My girlfriend works at one of the facilities so we usually end our day with a Jympapass or an hour in the gym together. It’s the perfect way to stay in shape and to do something fun together which doesn’t require that much of an effort, it’s not that big of a deal to take the bus and meet her up. Our favourite instructors are of course you, Thérèse (“oh, shush!” from the interviewer) and Sofia Andersson, David and Ulf.

First day in Tanto

April 21, 2010

NAME: Niklas Lind

DATE: April 18

TIME: 14.10

PLACE: Stockholm, Tanto

Today we played volleyball for the first time this year. At first the weather was to cold and cloudy but later in the afternoon it got better. So at last we were six persons that got together in Tanto to play some ball. I must say that it was a cold experience. We were all bare foot in the sand and we wore only shorts and T-shirts, imagining that the summer already had arrived. It was really obvious that this was that we played for more than six month. So, it was not the best games in my life, but it was important to realize that from now on it is possible to play volleyball outside.