Interviewing Catharina

March 29, 2010

Name: Catharina (C)
Date: 2010-03-29
Time: 11.45
Place: Kungliga biblioteket (National library of Sweden), Stockholm
Interviewer: Donna Hanafi (DH)

DH: How do you think the society is effected by spring?

C: People are happier, more positive because the sun finally comes out after a long and hard winter. And you also see more people outside because it’s much easier to get out and activate yourself when the snow is gone. And it’s also much easier to get by in traffic.

DH: How does the music effect you? Do you listen to any different kind of music depending on the season?

C: No, I don’t think I listen to any different music, but I might listen to more music. It’s hard to say.

DH: Do you see the architecture in a different way during the spring?

C: Well, the architecture is more visible during the spring, and also more beautiful, probably because you see the architecture

better with the sun shining. And also because you actually see the architecture after a long winter looking down and worrying about falling down owing to icy conditions.

DH: How does the fashion change?

C: There’s more color and of course less clothes, which is nice!

DH: Do you think spring is better in Sweden than any other countries in Europe?

C: I think the Scandinavian countries is similar to eachother, the fluctuations between the seasons is something that makes one

appreciate the different seasons. Spring feels like the beginning of something good, and it certianly is! Life feels easier, and you don’t have to worry about slipperiness.

Overall, I think you notice things more during spring, in both a postive and negative way. You are more open for impression.

DH: The sun is shining and the spring is overall good, is there anything negative with spring?

C: Yes, all the dirt and dog poop that has been hidden under the snow comes out. That’s not very pleasant!


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