Interviewing George

March 29, 2010

Name: Georege

Date: 2010-03-29

Time: 17:10

Place: Kungshamra

Interviewer: Frida Norling

(I did not take a picture, a big misstake. To make the interview interesting anyway: he was around 30 years old and a bit overweight and worked as a carseller, visiting his friend who lived in the house next to me parently)

FN:  When I say spring, what do you think of then?

G: Happy people and a beer in the sun and just enjoy life. I completely love the spring.

FN: Why?

G: As I said, happy people mostly. My body just fills with endorphines. More or less, you just want to get laid all the time.

FN: Isn’t there anything sad about spring?

G: Well yes, when you don’t feel so good for some reason, it’s a pain in the as seeing people so happy all the time. Couples hand in hand where ever you look, that could kill you, slowly. It could be hard to be so fucking happy all the time.

FN: Okey, some last words about spring?

G: In a perfect world, nobody would work during spring to summer, I would just sit by the water with a beer in my hand, look how the flowers grow and hang out with the people I love. Just fill myself completely with energy.

FN: Well okey, thak you so much for your outspokenness about spring and have a good day


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