Interviewing Maria

March 29, 2010


Name: Maria

Date: 2010-03-29

Time: 13:30

Place: Humlegården, Stockholm

Interviewer: Joel Arnkvist

JA: Hi, what do you think about the spring?

M: It´s wonderful, especially since you get a taste of what is to come.

JA: You mean the summer?

M: Yes, the summer is my favorite time of the year.

JA: What do you associate with spring?

M: Flower buds!

JA: Do you get any special feelings now in the spring?

M: Yes, now when it gets warmer and brighter outside I get a positive feeling and I feel healthier and become more energetic.

JA: Do you change your habits or do somethings special in the spring?

M: Yes, I get up earlier and spend more time outside.

JA: Does the spring affect your work in any way?

M: No, I don´t think so, it´s basically the same as in other seasons.

JA: So what do you do for a living?

M: I´m a preschool teacher.

JA: Do you have a special memory related to the spring?

M: Yes, when I was younger I got a really pretty dress to wear for spring and I like when you finally can change from those thick winter clothes.

JA:  Finally, what´s the best thing and the worst thing about the spring?

M: The sunshine and the warmth is the best. The worst is that it sometimes rains alot.


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