Interviewing Johan Peetso

March 30, 2010

Name: Johan Peetso
Date: 2010-03-30
Time: 14.00
Place: Rådmansgatan, Stockholm
Interviewer: Mikael Juntti

What does spring mean to you?

To be able to spend time outdoors skateboarding and to drink beer in the sun. Especially being able to ride the skateboard outdoors instead of some indoor place crammed with 200 people. Spring is basically equivalent to be able to spend some time outdoors again. It’s so damn wonderful when you don’t have to sit inside all the time, like you usually do during the winter since it’s way too cold in order to do anything fun outdoors.

What’s the first sign of spring?

To me, the first sign is usually when they start cleaning up the streets from all the garbage and sand that has been covered by the snow. Clean streets equals skateboard streets!

If the spring were music, what kind of music would it be?

Sixties and seventies rock music, like Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones. Happy music! The spring is a happy time! And anything by Jack Johnson – the guy from Hawaii. To me, his music symbolizes eternal summer, and spring means that summer is on its way.

If you were to write a song to symbolize spring, how would it sound?

Maybe some high tempo, happy sounding piano. Something that makes people want to move their bodies. Probably like something that Håkan Hellström would write.

If the seasons were musical instruments, which instrument would spring be?

Spring would probably be an acoustic guitar. You can sit outside and play or listen, and there’s usually a lot of live music going outdoors in spring time. A lot of troubadours and other street musicians start to appear outdoors, usually equipped with acoustic guitars.


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