Interviewing Marianne Brodin

March 29, 2010

Name: Marianne Brodin

Date: March 29, 2010

Time: 12:10

Place: Humlegården, Stockholm

Interviewer: Johan Olsson

JO: How do you feel about spring?

MB: “Ja, visst gör det ont när knoppar brister” (Title of a famous swedish poem meaning “Yes, of course it hurts when buds burst”)

JO: Is it really so?

MB: Yes, spring can be a hard time for some people. It comes with great expectations.

JO: Can you describe more?

MB: Well, some guy said that it takes seven setbacks until spring comes for real. I’m talking about snow in April and so on. There’s many thing that have to get done before spring can come.

JO: What do you like about spring?

MB: That I can be outside and work in the garden.

JO: Nice, what do you grow in your garden?

MB: Mostly vegetables, but I got some flowers too.

JO: Where do you live?

MB: I live with my husband at Östermalmsgatan, but we also got a house in the Stockholm archipelago.

JO: What do you do for a living?

MB: I work as a school nurse.

JO: What do you do in your spare time?

MB: I often take walks outside so spring is a great time for that.

JO: Do you have any dogs that you walk with or…

MB: No, no dogs!

JO: Which is the best place to take walks here in Stockholm, especially during spring?

MB: Djurgården is really nice. I went there and saw some crocus the other day.

JO: Okey. Are you interested in flowers?

MB: Yes, flowers is a sign that spring is coming. Really quickly after the snow has melt you can see some Snowdrops popping up here and there.

JO: Okey, thank you so much for your time, have a nice day!


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