Spring break, indoors

April 22, 2010

Name: Jesper Norrwie

Date: 3-7/4

Place: My sofa

SED: #1

Okey, so the thing is, I’m really into video games and I’ve been ever since I got my first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (AKA NES 8-bit) on my fourth birthday. The problem for me has been that the older I get, the less time I have to play my games. When I lived with my parents and went to school the breaks always meant late nights with my friends playing video games. But when you’re not living with your parents anymore, it’s now up to you to pay the rent so you pretty much have to work on all school breaks. Last summer I had one week of vacation. Last winter break I had three days vacation over the holidays. So when it was time for spring break I really felt that I wanted (wanted) to spend some quality time (late nights) with my TV and Playstation 3 to make up for lost time.  Saturday to Wednesday looked pretty much the same. Woke up, ate a late breakfast, turned on the TV and PS3, played ‘til I had to eat again, went back to playing and continued until I got tired and went to bed. I didn’t care about the weather outside because this is how I wanted to spend these days and that’s what I did, and I sure had a blast!


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