Interviewing Peter Gabrielson

March 29, 2010

Name: Peter Gabrielson (PG)

Time: 12:15-12:30

Place: At the stairs on Medborgarplatsen, Södermalm

Interviewer: Christian Croona (CC)

CC: What is your reaction when I say “Spring!”.

PG: My spontaneous reaction?

CC: Yes, of course!

PG: Okey, it’s probably that I don’t need to shovel any more snow, but most importantly people and plants start living in the spring, or from my point of view it’s not the most important thing actually. You see, I’m a retired bank employee who decided to become a lumberjack in the northern part of Småland, and usually I can be out in the woods for the whole autumn and winter, but this year it has been too much snow. So I’m eager to return to my trees.

CC: Yes, I can understand that, but if you had to choose between Småland and Stockholm, which is your favorite place to spend the spring?

PG: That’s an impossible question! It’s like wine and water, you need them both to live a good life. Stockholm has a fantastic cultural life whilst Småland has a silence and beauty that’s hard to find in a big city.

CC: That’s true! You seem to be a very smart gentleman, and out of all the people occupying Medborgarplatsen right now you seem to be the one who enjoys the spring weather the most.

PG: Thank you! I try my best to dress appropriate, maybe it’s a work related injury from when working in a bank. And yes, I’m really enjoying myself, I’m waiting for a friend and we are going to eat lunch and see an exhibition, also my book is really good.

CC: So you’re in a way living your dream?

PG: (Laughs) Yes, you could say that, I’m doing what I dreamed of when I worked hard to achieve, the lifestyle I can sustain today. And if you draw building designs like Ricardo Bofill, who has drawn the building to the left of me, you to can do whatever you want when you get older.

CC: Yes of course I hope I will do that sometime in the future (he obviously thinks that I’m a architect student and I don’t want to break his suspense of disbelief ), it was nice meeting you, I hope you have a fantastic day.

PG: I wish you the best of luck with your work and I hope that you design some fantastic building someday, bye.


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