Spring Interview

March 29, 2010

Name: Kerstin Weimers

Age: 20 year

Occupation: Studying

Interviewed by: Havva Göcmenoglu

HG: After the long winter, how do you feel about the spring?

KW: I love the spring, it makes people happy. It’s a great feeling, all the depression goes away when the sun shows its face. And also people get in love.

HG: Tell me three things that have changed since the winter?

KW: The mood, I feel much better now and it’s easier now to find people to hang around with. Other way everyone is busy but now everyone is available, it becomes a big problem so you and up sitting alone.

And I became much lazier now when the spring came. Whole the winter I had a lot to do but know I don’t care so much. Instead of studying I go out with my friends. I guess people stop cares about the things that we think is so important.

HG: Like work?

KW: More like studies, I am not so serious about the studies like I used to do. On the winter it’s dark and cold so you don’t have much of choice, so you work. But in the spring you finally have the chance to have time for yourself, so you can feel good, just hang around.


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