Interviewing Åsa

March 29, 2010

Name: Åsa
Date: 2010-03-29
Time: 13.00
Near Humlegården
Oscar Karlsson

OK: Hello there, we’re students from KTH and we were just wondering if we could borrow a few minutes of your time to ask you some questions about the upcoming spring and all that there is to it?
Åsa: Yeah, sure. That’s okay.
OK: Is it okay if we audio record this interview?
Åsa: Yes, no problem.
OK: What is your general thought about the spring?
Åsa: I actually used to prefer autumn but nowadays I have changed my mind. It feels like the spring is more happier and it’s starting to get warmer.
OK: Okay, is there any special reason to why you think so or is it just the feeling of the climate getting warmer which makes you feel that way?
Åsa: Well, I guess it’s the feeling of the weather getting better.
OK: Ah okey. This question might sound odd but what feelings inside of you comes alive when the spring is getting closer? Are you getting happier and maybe more energetic?
Åsa: I used to have a lot of demands on the spring. In the autumn there are clear skies and bright colors and I still like it but now it feels like I appreciate spring a lot more for some unknown reason. I think it depends on the fact that I feel a lot more energetic as you mentioned.
OK: Are there any special activities or life habits you spend more time on just because it’s spring?
Åsa: I won’t lie and say that I go out more often because that would have been such a typical thing to say but I would really want to. I like the nature and when spring arrives it’s a perfect time to go out and get some fresh air. I guess I try to do that.
OK: Well I think we have it now, Åsa. Thank you very much for wanting to do this interview with us.
Åsa: Thanks, yourself.


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