Interviewing Fredrik

March 29, 2010

Name: Fredrik Vintilescu
Profession: Musician/DJ
Interviewed by: Kristoffer Thelenius
Date: 100329
Time: 14.00

KT: How would you describe spring to someone who never experienced it?
FV: You take summer as a base or a foundation and partly remove the white winter blanket.

KT: How do you think spring affects people on the street?
FV: They get more positive feelings, feelings of a fresh start in life. Apart from that there’s also hysteria about training, as people feel that the summer is approaching.

KT: How does spring affect your job?
FV: I get more gigs. I play a lot of outside gigs and in spring people order gigs on a weekly basis, instead of on a monthly basis. We just go!

KT: How does spring affect your social interactions?
FV: There’s much more of it in spring as I tend to work more at home during the winter. There’s actually even more social interaction for my part during spring than during summer. I also go out for a walk with my dog more frequently in spring. I think many people do that because they don’t feel tied up to a specific place when the weather is warm.

KT: Do you think there is anything negative about spring?
FV: I’m allergic so yes. Apart from that it also takes me some time to get used to the light. In the beginning I get tired after only an hour or so in the sun. But eventually it gets better and then I really enjoy it. Another downside with spring might be that my dog gets dirtier as he spends more time outside. That is however as small problem and apart from that I find spring to be something positive.

KT: Thank you for your time.


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