Mia B on Spring

March 29, 2010

Name: Mia Berlin
Date: 2010-03-29
Time: 15.00
Place: Vasaparken
Interviewer: Fredrik Göthner

F: So, Mia, how would you describe spring to someone who’s never heard of it?

M: Well, I would describe it as joy. It makes you positive.

F: How so?

M: It gives you energy! And you know that summer is on it’s way.

F: So what makes spring different from other seasons?

M: Well the most apparent thing for me is that it is much nicer to go walking outside.

F: So you walk more during spring than during winter?

M: No, I walk just as much during winter because of my dog here, but I enjoy it more in the spring.

F: Does your dog enjoy walking more in the spring as well?

M: Hmm… No, I think its more important to me.

F: Ok. Weather seems to be the key here?

M: Yes, and perhaps the most important thing is the contrast between spring and winter.

F: I see. So what’s your favorite way to enjoy a nice spring day?

M: Hmm… I would have to say going on a boat ride.

F: Ok, Thank you!


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