Intervju med Lulu Frisk

March 29, 2010


29th of March 2010


An office in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

What is your thoughts about springtime and society?
It depends on how winter has been, but I feel that a lot of people come out of their shell. And they do tend to talk a lot more during springtime, about life, the weather etc. The energy in Sweden in spring is great!

How does springtime affect you?
Springtime is the best!! I have the adventures of summer in front of me, without the anxiety of autumn and winter ahead of me. The brightness and the special light of spring is also welcomed, especially after such a dark period like wintertime. I also feel like it releases my spontaneity and my inner power. And I have the strength to manage more projects and outdoor activities.

Is there something you don’t like about spring?
It is too short which makes me feel a bit stressed. April and May passes so fast and it’s frankly kind of dirty when the white snow finally has vanished.

Do you find yourself looking at the architecture in a different way during springtime than the rest of the year?
Yes, because during winter, when I have been looking down on the ground being careful not to slip I find myself being able to look at the beautiful houses and the city which comes to life with the brightness caused by the sun. And the water is gorgeous with its glimmering and sparkling.

Interview by
Susanna Berggren


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