Interview with Max Sutton

March 29, 2010

Name: Max Sutton (MS)

Place: Kista

Date: March 29, 2010

Time: 13:20

Interviewer: Tove Attoff (TA)

TA: What does significate spring according to you?

MS: When the spring comes it gets annoying bright, the outside temperature becomes enjoyable and it is mud everywhere. To me spring is lime, cats outside, smell from thawing leaves, wearing hat and more drunk people on trains and buses. And you get to pack away winter clothes.

TA: Why do you associate lime to the spring?

MS: In the spring and summertime I make food with lime as an ingredient. It is a fresh taste that suits well with the new energy that you get in the springtime.

TA: What do you mean by mud everywhere?

MS: When the snow melts there is mud everywhere and you can only go on the roads otherwise your shoes get dirty.

TA: What kind of feelings do you get in the springtime?

MS: I get a light feeling of irritation in the springtime. I can’t be outside in the sun so much and it is smudgy all over the place.

TA: How do the thawing leaves smell?

MS: They smell mouldering and a little bit earthy. The air is different in the spring compared to that in the autumn. The mouldering is more significant in the spring because of the leaves having been under the snow during the winter.

TA: You say wearing hat is spring for you, why?

MS: I can’t wear a hat when it’s cold and there is lots of snow. The hat also protects me from the sun.

TA: How come you associate cats with the spring?

MS: Cats are a bit crazier in the springtime when they go out after a long winter in the house. They get sort of spring feelings, they get curious and do odd things.

TA: You tell me about more drunk people at the trains and buses. How do you associate it with the spring?

MS: There are more people who go out to parties and restaurants in the spring.


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