Mid-crit presentation

May 18, 2010


Today was the big day. Or at least the day of the first presentations. But that’s kind of a big day. We finished our beautiful rainforest picture yesterday evening late at night. After some sleep and coffee we were ready to use Eva’s nice presentation and show everyone our process. All the presentations were great and we learned some nice tricks on how not to embarass ourself, which is always welcome. Today after the weekend we realized that it is just like ten hours left until we should be finished. Or less than that. So acctually we don’t have time to blog now, there are more important things to do.



Making a forest

May 11, 2010


Today we started working on the film about palm-oil, and the first step was to draw the forest, a very time-consuming job but step by step it’s growing. And it’s looking great. The group is finally focused on at least one clear goal, jippie. It sucked being inside all day in a room without any windows, because it was smashing sunshine outside, we worked all day in that dark room, but the film is going to be awesome, cute and cuddly for starters, but with a sour aftertaste.

Work work

May 11, 2010

Monday 2010-05-10

Today we worked with the presentation for wednesday, beautiful pictures and kick ass text now hopefully we will not forget what to say. Real fancy if you ask us, props to Eva and Philip. We also perfected the picture storyboard and started planning the creation of the film, by getting supplies, because we are going to have the camera hanging from the roof. It’s real cool, see ya!

We can make change

May 7, 2010

2010-05-07 Friday

Rainforest group

Still uplifted by the Skansen visit we kickstarted the day by deciding to continue both the Jag project and the awareness video. Even tough we are most hyped on making the politicans aware of the palm-oil problem and are working on a picture storyboard  for it, hopefully we will be able to do some filming on monday. Here is a documentary about what could happen if you buy rainforest in order to save rainforest. Enjoy!   Jag köpte en regnskog

Into the forest!

May 6, 2010

Date: Wednesday

Location: Skansen

We met up with zoolgists Boel och Lars-Erik who love animals and nature. They spoke about there involvment with WWF and a antibushmeat campaign. But the project that Lars-Erik was most “fire and flames” about was a proposition from the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) to the EU about making it mandatory for food producers to write out on the package if it contains palm oil. We thought it would be a great idea to make a video kind of like the: REDD: As part of the solution video we posted on this blog earlier, because politicans can’t read that well. The animals also inspired us and filled us with creative energy, and made us realise even more that these fantastic creatures must be saved and allowed to live in their natural habitat.


May 4, 2010

Rainforest grupo

Today we came to a slow start in the morning with a couple of calls and some information seeking. But after lunch we did a brainstorm and we came up with at least one great idea. We are gonna take a trademark that is assosiated with a animal for example Puma, “Save the Puma from extinction” or car manufacurer Jaguar, “Buy a Jaguar, save a Jaguar” and then we are gonna create a campaign for them. And were hopeful that it’s going to be a great success.Tomorrow we are going to Skansen to photograph fantastic little animals and speak to animalcare experts. See you!

Below: Loads of brainstormed ideas.