Interviewing Olga Pettersson

March 29, 2010

Olga Pettersson



”Vasaparken”, Stockholm

Robin Merken

RM: Hi, my name is Robin and I’m studying at the Royal Institute of Technology. Can I ask you a few questions about the spring?

OP: Yes, sure.

RM: How would you explain the spring for somebody who has never been able to experience it?

OP: Oh, that’s a tuff question. I would describe it like when a stone falls from your hart and you can start to enjoy this beautiful city.

RM: Is there something negative about spring?

OP: No, the most things are positive. One negative thing is all the dirt, most dog poo, which is everywhere now when the snow melts.

RM: How do you think the spring effects other people living here?

OP: Well my husband doesn’t like the spring, but other people seem to get happier.

RM: Ok, why doesn’t your husband like the spring and why do you think the other people get happier?

OP: Well, my husband has an allergy and the other people, I don’t know. I get a happier feeling. It could be because there are more people out on the streets and in the parks around here. I also think all the children playing around make people happier, at least me.

RM: How does the spring affect your social life?

OP: Pretty much actually.

RM: In which way?

OP: Sins neither my husband nor me work anymore, we are going out to our summer place outside the city a couple of days a week if the whether is fine.

RM: Are you doing anything special out their?

OP: No, not really. As I said before, when spring comes a lot more people are out on the streets and even if I like the city very much is it nice with some variety.

RM: Ok, thank you very much.


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