Sofia Nilsson

March 29, 2010

(No Image: I dont have any camera)

Name: Sofia Nilsson

Working with: first year in gymnasium

Date: 2010-03-29

Where: Östermalm

Interviewed by: Arvid Gärdeborn

AG: Does the spring  affect you?

SN: Yes it really does! The sun makes me fill moore alive if you compare with winter time and all the darkness.

AG: Whay do you think that?

SN: You get D-vitamins from the sun and thats make me fil beter.

AG: So you think it´s only a question about substance in your brain?

SN: (Thinking alot) No I think there is moore than that. Everyone else is getting happier and gett moore energi so I think thay affect me to.

And I also think that I file that there is soon summer break, you start to see the end of the tunnel, and that gives me moore hope and energi. But it´s a hard question, a need moore time to answer that properly i think…

AG: Is there anything bad about the spring you think?

SN: No I can´t think about anything that makes spring itself as a season bad…

AG: How does your clothes change in the spring time?

SN: I file that I can were moore colourful cloth in the spring time becous everything in the natur is moore colourful. If I where a relly red coat in the winter time I can file expost becaous no one else it that colourful. No humen and not the tree and there is no flowers.


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