Name: Max Magnusson

Date: 27/4 – 2010

Place: My bed

Another thing about spring is that it is a great time for taking your laptop out and look at some great television!

It’s just too bad i’m sick and have-to pretend it’s sunny in my bed!


Kick starting spring!

April 25, 2010

Name: Johan Svensson

Place: Amsterdam

Time: ~12pm 25/3-2010

As some of you might know I have been abroad for quite a while. I went to Amsterdam for a weekend in the end of March and after that I went to Abu Dhabi for 2 weeks to visit my uncle. When I arrived in Amsterdam felt something that I hadn’t felt in a long time; spring was in the air. At that time back in Sweden you still had to wear your winter jacket when to go outside, and put on boots not to freeze your feet off. In other words, the weather at home was crap (one might even call it FUBAR).

The first thing I noticed when I stepped off the plane was the sun. Even though we had a beautiful winter back in Sweden with lots of bright white days I still felt like I hadn’t seen the sun in ages! The second thing I noticed was the lack of snow. I don’t know if they ever had snow in Amsterdam this year, but not seeing those ash colored piles of snow on the ground actually made me smile.

So what is spring to me then? I guess it’s that feeling you get that warmer and brighter times are ahead. Even though it might only be a few degrees over 0 you still feel like warmer times are coming. It’s not always easy to see, especially if you are swamped with work and school, but you do get hints. E.g. you might see a little patch of dry (not snow covered) ground just outside your house, or you might see pass by a newsstand with some magazine saying “This year’s spring fashion blablabla”. It’s these small things that make you notice that the cold, dark and overwhelming winter is actually coming to an end, and this is what spring is to me; the promise of better times.

So back to Amsterdam then… I guess I got kind of kick start of spring by going there. The first thing me and my friends did after checking in to the hostel was going downtown, find a pub with outdoor seating, and had a beer. So here’s to spring, here’s to warmer and better times, and here’s to you my friend, with whom I hope to spend many moments just like this one. Cheers!

Thoughts on spring

April 23, 2010

Name: Thobias Bergström
Place: Stockholm
Date: 21/4

Spring is the dividing line between winter and summer. As such it contains some of the best, as well as some of the worst, from both seasons. Rejuvenation is a word that springs (pun intended) to mind. It is the awakening. Flowers come to life again, trees blossom, etc…

I prefer spring to autumn. There’s still some of the crispness in the air left from the winter, but as summer approaches the air fills with a scent of flowers. When the rain has fallen you can truly sense what spring is all about; the musky smell and cool, but not unpleasant, atmosphere. You feel hopeful.

As I had a full schedule during my visit to China I am writing this, as well as my SED, in retrospect.

What spring means to me

April 22, 2010

Name: Thérèse Fleetwood

Date of memory: 2009-05-27. Todays date: 2010-04-22

Place of memory: Universitetet. Place: Kårhuset

Event: Vårruset 2009. Todays event: Medieteknik Branschdag.

When I think of spring, one specific memory comes to my mind, Vårruset.

14.000 ladies celebrating spring by running, walking or jogging an optional track arranged by Vårrused. You can either run the longest track, about 10 km or choose to take a 3 km stroll with your pram or walkingsticks.

Last year I was chosen among all of Friskis & Svettis instructors to be a part of the “Uppvärmnings”-team, out job was to warm up all the participants at a number of runs like Vårruset, Lidingöloppet, Blodomloppet or Tjurruset.

The feeling I got when standing on the podium in front of 14.000 people who all were happy, excited and moving in total synchronization was powerful and you realize how much you love being outdoors.

When I think of that day with all that sunlight, laughter and sweat – today’s weather does seem a little bit grey…

Spring våren spring!

April 5, 2010

For me spring is all about passion and new experiences. New friends from new parties and events. People actually hanging out outside enjoying themselves.

It might be the playfulness in people of Northern Europe, who has been kept indoors for months and months, covered up in thick clothes and hats. When it all finally can come off, oh boy it comes off! Almost like everyone is coming out of hiding and actually dare to talk to random people without a couple of drinks in them. I guess it is just the big difference in appearance and possibility that makes it so noticeable. We finally behave like the rest of the world! Either way, I love it!

Susanna Berggren
Miami 5th of April

DN’s Nyhet

April 1, 2010

Våren är i framfart och vi ser även detta genom DN’s alltid lika roliga aprilskämt 🙂

Kristian Orellana

Place: Slussen
Date: 30/03/2010
Time: 16.00
Author: Hernan Gil

After an overwhelmingly white winter, with temperatures way under 0 degrees Celsius, the spring finally appears and with it, light, colors, textures and details. The depressing gray-pallet is gone! But, the biggest contribution of the spring is the extra space it offers. We don’t need no longer to be bounded by our apartments or houses, we can be outdoors without tons of clothes and coats and it feels more natural this way. The new playground is full of surprises and the first thing I notice is all the dogshit that had been hiding under or in the snow 🙂 besides that its just great, people socialize more, the sunglasses appear and Slussen gets crowded with sun-fans. Here you can see the really huge sun-fans, sitting on the dock with ice blocks floating at their feets. It’s hard to explain the feeling and the only thing I can do is to absorb the moment and wish for more off them to come.