Spring for me

March 30, 2010

Time: 14:00
Place: THS terass
By: Hanna Pettersson
Date: 2010-03-30

For me, springtime is associated with both good and bad things. Good things in a way that we now se the end of the tunnel and the light is finally coming back in to our lives. It gives me a feeling of wellbeing and provides me with new energy.

I need to tell you all about my new spring hobby. Or hobby is maybe not the right word for it, interest could be more suitable. I have started to grow my own herbs. In some way I feel it relaxing to see that small baby plants are occupying my windowsill and that they are growing and give my home some feel of nature.

It all started with the fact that a new apartment with a big balcony came in to my life. I soon realized the benefits by having a balcony and how much I was longing to start use it. When I grew up we had a big garden and a big lawn to play on and ever since I moved to Stockholm I have missed the freedom a small town and its nature provides. My hope is now that my balcony should provide a little bit of that freedom and give me back my spring feelings and spirit. And that my own grown herbs should take the nature closer. So spring for me, this year, takes place on my balcony where I let nature load my batteries just like it did in my earlier years.

Like all things in life, spring both gives good and bad experiences. For me it’s also a time with a runny nose and sour throat and a period when I am constantly high on medication. Nature both gives me spring feelings and new energy and takes some in return.


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