The word design is about to expand itself to conquer the space between disciplines and specialists. What started to define products and graphics quickly grew into the fields of architecture, urban planning and infrastructure. Moreover, we have understood the chameleonic character of this word which has become tomato sauce for interdisciplinary spaghetti.

Design can be understood as a composition or as an organized sequence of intentions. Design thrives to create meaning which, when performed correctly, can either live forever in its original shape only to be decomposed by time and Nature or, it can be a temporary, time and place specific piece of a larger engine, which can be streched, compressed, twisted… or transfigured into the appropriate tool for collective flow.

Because the Spring Course will, for the first time, take place during Spring, Filipe Balestra and Peter Ullstad thought about using our natural symbiosis with Nature and call the course by the name of the season which will support it. Spring is the de-constructionist of the winter – it awakens our optimism and activates our energy.

Now imagine 58 students documenting what Spring does to the city and using Spring as the main substance for design.

What does Spring do to music?
Answer fundamented in music theory, harmony and improvisation.

What does Spring do to food?
Answer fundamented in seasonal goods, flamboyance, choice and expression.

What does Spring do to politics?
Does decision-making change with collective optimism?

What does Spring do to fashion?
The classic answer versus the contemporary answer.

What does Spring do to perception?
Exploring all senses. Documenting experience.

How does Spring changes your lifestyle?
Personal statements.


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