Assignment I

Each student will make one interview individually and post it on the blog. The interview is about how a specific person understands Spring and how this statement is influenced by the city as a whole and the character of the individual being interviewed. You are supposed to find the personal essence of Spring through interviewing: questions and answers about a specific issue: fashion, science, music, architecture, politics, decision-making, or other. Furthest connectivity with the person being interviewed can happen by giving space to storytelling: let the open up about life experience – both private and professional. Dreams?
The interview will list the name of the interviewed person, the name of the interviewer, the place of the meeting, a picture of the person in the context of the interview, time and a half page text. All 59 interviews must be posted on the blog by Monday 29th March by latest 20:00.

Assignment II

Each student will continue to work on the specific branch from the Spring tree which came across through the interview. This particular subject – fashion, science, music, architecture, politics, decision-making, or other – will be interpreted and will grow through research and live experience. The aim of assignment II is to get each student to write a short personal text about what Spring is for them, at a personal level. This might include narratives from moments in the past, present situations and descriptions of future landscapes about what Spring could be like. This text should be written outdoors and one picture of the context from which it was written must be posted together with the text. If you make drawings or sketches, feel free to scan them and post them as well. Like in the prior exercise, you should write your name, time and place of your creation and post them before 20:00 on Tuesday 30th of March. If by any chance you will be traveling, please take your time to fulfill this exercise from wherever you are.

Assignment III

Spring Experience Diary (SED). During Spring holidays you will choose any 5 days in which any personal Spring related experience takes place. You should document it in writing, with the intention to express the goodness or your increased connectivity with Spring. For each day you will take a picture and write one paragraph about what that moment was about, thus extending the necessary communication for others to “be where you were” and “feel what you felt”. After the Easter break the course will focus on experience-design, so this introduction exercises are to be taken seriously as they will be the foundations for further development. If you travel during easter use the opportunity to do your SED in another context. China, Miami, wherever you are – relate to Spring. All posts should be labeled with your full name, time, place.

Have fun!


One Response to “Assignments”

  1. springflow Says:

    Miami? China? If I’m lucky I might take a trip to Skärholmen Centrum…

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