Late spring

May 19, 2010

Name: Sanna Persson

Date: May 18 2010

Place: Next to my window

Sitter here, looking out the window, I feel kind of relaxed. The sun is shining like crazy. It’s warm enough to eat ice cream outside and not freeze. Though I only had a couple of minutes before the sun melted my poor little ice cream away. But that is some how what spring is to me. Ice cream melting, winter coats being to hot to wear and summer time just around the corner. And of course the flu making you miss the wonderful weather and all the great parties.

Apart from the warmer weather, spring to me is light. I love the fact that I can start taking photos again, without having to find every single lamp in the house to illuminate the object of my focus. Spring enables me to whip out my camera and just go for it.


A late interview

May 19, 2010

Interviewer: Sanna Persson

Interviewee: Rickard Sjögren

Date: May 18, 2010

Place: At our home

Tell me, what are some typical signs of spring for you?

Well, the most obvious would be when the snow melts away. Other than that, I guess it is when things start to spire and grow. Though, according to the famous song, that doesn’t mean that spring has arrived. Another sure sign of spring to me is when the sun actually warms you up.

Do you get spring feelings when you see that flowers and stuff are starting to pop up?

A couple of days ago I was out walking and noticed this green area. It had a big patch of grass totally covered in flowers. It hit me then how much colour actually was in the spring. That never happens during any other period of the year.

Are you affected in any other way by the spring colours?

No, but I think many people do feel happier and such, but I don’t feel anything out of the ordinary.

So, no emotional response, how about a habitual one?

I wear less clothes as the warmth progresses and don’t feel as iffy about going outside. My crazy friends want me to join them on the beach just because the temperature has risen some. The sun being out longer makes me a bit more prone to stay up longer too.

Mid-crit presentation

May 18, 2010


Today was the big day. Or at least the day of the first presentations. But that’s kind of a big day. We finished our beautiful rainforest picture yesterday evening late at night. After some sleep and coffee we were ready to use Eva’s nice presentation and show everyone our process. All the presentations were great and we learned some nice tricks on how not to embarass ourself, which is always welcome. Today after the weekend we realized that it is just like ten hours left until we should be finished. Or less than that. So acctually we don’t have time to blog now, there are more important things to do.

Making a forest

May 11, 2010


Today we started working on the film about palm-oil, and the first step was to draw the forest, a very time-consuming job but step by step it’s growing. And it’s looking great. The group is finally focused on at least one clear goal, jippie. It sucked being inside all day in a room without any windows, because it was smashing sunshine outside, we worked all day in that dark room, but the film is going to be awesome, cute and cuddly for starters, but with a sour aftertaste.

We now have the coffee and cups from from Arvid Nordquist. 16 packeges and 800 cups. The coffee should be enough to make 1000 cups, but as we all know it’s usually a little less than that, so 800 cups should be perfect!

Work work

May 11, 2010

Monday 2010-05-10

Today we worked with the presentation for wednesday, beautiful pictures and kick ass text now hopefully we will not forget what to say. Real fancy if you ask us, props to Eva and Philip. We also perfected the picture storyboard and started planning the creation of the film, by getting supplies, because we are going to have the camera hanging from the roof. It’s real cool, see ya!