May 21, 2010

Name: Euy-Suk Kim

Date: 12/05/2010

Time: 02:00

Location: Stockholm

SED: #5

Now it was a legally awaited debut that night. A DJ/producer who enjoyed meteoritic raise to fame. His real name is Joel Zimmerman, he’s based in Toronto and he has grabbed the attention of DJs and clubbers with series of hot releases included “Jaded, Faxing Berlin” and a brilliant collaboration with Jelo, “The Reward is Cheese”. He’s quickly become headline live, he’s quite a site when you see him perform, because if you haven’t heard about him before, half the set is done inside a giant mouse head. He really is the perfect artist for the download generation. His popularity is based on the word amount generated by his music being transferred around the world. That person is Deadmau5!

The Deadmau5 concert was smashing, he blow place up! It was the “party of the year”. No one can top this for this year, NO ONE! It’s that time of the year when things start to come back together and start venturing out again, missing the dance floor. And it was perfect timing when Deadmau5 played. I will never forget this. The best feeling a ever I had so far.


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