All at once

May 19, 2010

Name: Sanna Persson

Date: April 24

Place: Kungsträdgården

I met with a friend today. The goal was to watch the blooming of the cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården and take some good photos. Naturally, that didn’t happen. What DID happen was some good weather, then some colder weather and then some rain drops. And no cherry blossoms what so ever. We did meet some lovely you girls though and saw some gorgeous kimonos.

I didn’t feel that spring was here, but that it was on its way.

Date: May 6

Place: Stockholm city

The sun shone bright today. I took a walk in to town with a friend to get some fabric. Somehow, the sun made me realize that spring is actually here. When I went to satisfy my sugar need, I was torn between ice cream and chocolate. That is some indication as to how good the weather was!

Date: May 10

Place: At home

I have a cold today. I feel like crap but I run out early anyway because I want to be on a bus. The plan is that the bus will take me to the post office and there I will pick up one big and very wanted package. Despite my sore throat, I talk to the nice mail lady, only to be told that my package is not there.

Luckily, I eventually got my package and loved it for about 30 minutes before I fell back into feverish sleep. Spring is out there, but I’m to sick to bother with it.

Date: May 18

Place: Outside my home

I bought an ice cream today. It melted before I had a chance to eat the whole thing. My boyfriend and I then proceeded to make potato salad. Both ice cream and potato salad are signs of spring, and summer, to me and I thoroughly enjoyed them both.

Date: May 19

Place: At my way home from school

It was hot out today, even tough it was cloudy. It was actually so hot that my ice cream melted indoors! That gave me more a feeling of summer than spring, but since it is still May, it counts.

The real feeling of spring hit me on my way home from the bus stop. I saw the edge of the pavement and LEPT on top of it. Any friend of mine can tell you that I don’t leap over things normally. I blame it on the heat.


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