The spring rollercoaster

April 25, 2010

Name: Roger Sandholm
This is maybe not the way it’s supposed to be done, but here is everything in one post.

April 3, 2010

I took the subway to meet a friend in the city. The temperature was around 12 degrees. I kept analyzing spring and thought of this as an assignment in finding things that makes spring unique. People eat a lot and the consumption is, if not, increased at least more visible. You see overfilled trash bins, people drinking coffee, consuming ice-cream and eating their lunch outside. It must have something to do with spring. We change the way or the place we consume. In summer the city is empty and it’s almost the same as a dark winter night in the middle of November. Except people wear less clothing in summer. Spring offers another room, another dimension. When I met my friend we decided to do some shopping for clothes and of course soft ice-cream in the sun. The day ended in an embarrassing lost playing pool. My past experience in pool failed me or my opposition were just too good.

April 5, 2010

I rolled up the ”curtain” and glanced outside it’s snowing, thats not fair. I went right back to bed and all expectations for today disappeared. Another perfect spring day in the warming sun could have been nice. But this describes spring in a great way, you fool yourself. You think it’s going to be warm so you put on less clothes. When you realized that the temperature wasn’t that good there is no turning back, you feel cold and can’t complain because it’s your own fault. How do we deal with this? There is no way you are going to admit to anyone that you’re cold. It’s better to keep it to yourself, because you can’t complain about the weather. Once you go spring you never think that winter could strike back again. I made tea, stayed in all day and told myself that tomorrow spring will make a comeback. But winter is perfect motivation for studies. I would have postponed this assignment if the sun was out today.

April 12, 2010

It’s great too see that the snow is slowly melting. I like that it seams that someone tried too hide a melting mountain of snow behind some bushes. We work really hard when trying to forget about winter and snow. Today I just got into the standard routine and tried to study. It’s not the easiest thing to study inside when the weather is so great. The motivation is as low as it could get. So if you are not enjoying the weather outside spring is not that great.

April 13, 2010

The sun was shining and everything seemed perfect. Then I reminded myself that soon the air will be filled with pollen from the trees. So I will try to enjoy as much as I can before the air gets filled with the annoying stuff. I started out this day studying math. The biggest problem was that I sat down in front of a computer which resulted in a youtube marathon. It’s not very good for the productivity. But good video clips or good music can make you feel a little bit better while sitting inside. When the studies, or youtube marathon, was done I went home and made a perfect spaghetti bolognese and relaxed in front of the television.

April 24, 2010

Today when i finally got some perspective on how much wine i actually drank yesterday I felt the need to exercise. Therefore I gathered the best new remixes and music mashups i could find. Loaded them in to my music player and went outside to run. I ran for about 14minutes or 2 km when i realized that this wasn’t a good idea. I was in no condition to run. But at least the music was great so I walked the last kilometers back home. The weather was great and perfect for another party night. So I put on my ”dress suit” (B-frack) and went to the final media technology party for the week. The first party in a long time that I didn’t have to work on.


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