The smell of leather…

April 25, 2010

One good thing about spring is the weather, and as the weather gets more and more pleasant, the possibility to wear lighter/thinner clothes increases. During the entire winter you’ve been dragging along in this huge winter-jacket, accompanied by a warm hat, and big clumsy gloves. And it is impossible to move properly, try entering a smaller store and have a look around, it’s dreadful. One of the things I get bothered by the most is things that are ungainly, and winter-clothes are certainly ungainly. If you enter a store during winter, you get sweaty in seconds as they’ve cranked up the heating to the max, so you remove some clothes as you get sweaty and hot, but then as soon as you exit the place and get outside, it feels like you’re going to freeze to death. But as spring arrives this problem gets magically blown away. My key moment of spring is when I’m able to shove that dreary parkas in to the back of my closet and take out my leather jacket, my brown “skinnpaj”. This is almost a religious feeling for me; you go out and feel liberated, reborn, you feel like a new person…

Jonathan Kugelberg, Jakobsberg 10-04-24, post #5


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