Gate to the spring

April 25, 2010

Name: Havva Göcmenoglu

Location: Solna Colosseum

Date: 2010-03-27

Sed 3

A couple of weeks ago, my friend got married and it was a very beautiful ceremony with lots of great people and atmosphere. Everything was typical for a wedding, bride with white dress, colourful dressed guests and a big cake which was delicious. But the only thing that were different with this wedding was the ambiance. The lightning, decoration and the place it self were like a garden. The flowers where not fully bloomed and the colours where not so bright but not so dark either.

Part of the ceiling had glasses so the sun could shine in to the room. They had really captured the spring feeling. Everything where combined with each other very well.

This wedding were my gate to spring. I could finally leave winter behind me.


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