April 25, 2010

Name: Alexander Busnyuk

Date: 25th April

Place: Stockholm

Felt a wee bit tired this morning, and no ammount of sun could prevent that. On the contrary, it just made me sleepier and wishing to cuddle up with this doggy who seemed to be feeling the same way.

I remember while growing up it was extremely hard to put me to bed. I would push the moment the lights were turned off and I ventured towards the journey to the next day as much as possible. Despite of that I still managed to be the first one up at around 6 o clock amongst our familly of three. I’d cuddle down in our living room sofa, put on the headphones, turn on the kids shows and begin my day with a smile on my face.

Today that’s history. Anyone who has tried to wake me up knows that it takes a bonzai tree farmers patience (ok, take that expression with a grain of salt) to get me up.

It’s like at some point while growing up someone flipped a switch. I used to hate sleep, now I love sleep. You win some, you lose some. With growing up you discover new things, new joys etc etc, but ut comes with a price: loss of innocence, loss of ability of being glad over the simplest things, gained responsibilities. I guess it’s the universes way of balancing it all out.


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