And Riche-time turned into Cafét-time

April 25, 2010

Name: Thérèse Fleetwood

Place: Gustav VIIs torg

Date & Time: 24/4 -10 kl 03.51

SED #2

Another thing you notice during spring is the number of people gathering at popular places.

And sometimes you see a familiar face, you ask your friend “Isn’t that Chribba?!” and she answers “Noo, Chribba is much taller! And… Well, thinner.”.

You write him a textmessage and says that you’ve finally found his lost twinbrother.

In the same order, you log into Facebook and sees that he’s written “I’m at Café Opera with all the losers!” and you realize that Chribba apparently has lost som hight and put on some weight.

And suddenly you have the best and funniest company with the most stylish glasses ever at the nightbus on your way home.


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