April 25, 2010

Name: Sebastian Nylén

Time: 2010-04-06, 18:18

Place: My room.

Post #2

Yes, I’m a gamer. There. I said it. It’s out there. Now what? Well, all I can say is…. Don’t hate the game, hate the player.
Why hate the player you ask? Well because really, there isn’t anything wrong with the game itself. People don’t like to take responsibility for their actions, stupid comments and bullying of those less talented so called gamers. So they invented the expression you bare in mind: Don’t hate player, hate the game. Of course there are cases in which the game really is to be blamed but that’s a minority and so… well that’s it.

You’ve just been lawyered.

p.s. at least I’m a healthy player. I eat apples. And no, it’s not a montage.

p.s #2 My mouse broke the first day of the easter break so I had to order a new one. The picture shows my new mouse and keyboard! 🙂


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