No going home..

April 24, 2010

Date: This was written 2010-04-20.

Place: St. Anton, Austria

Writer: Joel Arnkvist

This day started out with me packing all my things getting ready to leave St. Anton and head back home to Sweden.

When I got down to the train station I noticed my train was delayed by 20 minutes so I sat down and waited, but 5 minutes before the train was expected to arrive I received a phone-call from my dad saying that my flight, which was supposed to leave from Zürich in the afternoon was cancelled. No surprise. The planes have not been able to fly for a while now because of the damn volcano.

So I headed back to my brother’s and his friends’ apartment. While I was sitting in the train station I heard several different languages from people talking with upset voices and it’s hard to realize how big of a catastrophe this really is. At least there aren’t thousands of innocent people dying which usually is the main problem with nature catastrophes.


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