An instant out of time…

April 24, 2010

Something that I long for during the winter, that spring enables, is to be able to go out and photograph. Sure, it is possible during winter too but it’s cold, frosty, ungainly with bulky gloves on. And the batteries last for about 5 minutes. And you don’t really want to sit and wait there for that perfect shot. It is just too cold; you instantly freeze your fingers off. Because of this you choose not to bring the camera, not to take photos as much as you would like to. But as the spring arrives it gets every day gets brighter and warmer, and suddenly it’s great photography-weather. Nature comes alive, people come alive, smiling, and animals come crawling out from their hide-outs. Suddenly you can just grab your camera and head out for a long walk, and let the world inspire you and be creative. And as the evening and nights also get milder, you can be outside and take great pictures in the dark with slow shutter speeds without freezing to death, waiting for the camera. If you would have done that in the middle of the night in December you would’ve looked like Ötzi the iceman after 10min. The sad thing about this year’s spring is that I had to send my camera to the manufacturer for repairs the same exact week that spring arrived, for real. I got some sort of photo-abstinence, waiting for the call from the repairmen saying it was done and ready for pickup. You become a new human being when spring arrives, and everywhere I walked I saw these great moments or things to take photos of, but no, I had no camera! And when I finally got it back, the winter decided to revisit Stockholm and there was rain and snow for a week… at least I now have it in my possession, and I am waiting on my toes to just go out there and fire away.

Jonathan Kugelberg, Jakobsberg 10-04-12, post #3


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