Going home?

April 22, 2010

Name: Mikael Kjellnäs

Time and Date: 15:00 ; 11/4 – 10

Place: Åre, Tegefjäll


A weekend of skiing flies by so fast. It was already our last day here. The sun was shining and the skiing in Tegefjäll was awesome. The snow was perfect and we were almost alone going down the hills. This was when me and my friend that had called people to make this trip possible came up with a new idea. Let’s stay longer. A weekend is just to short. We should have booked a whole week, my friend and I both thought. So we made up our minds, we were going to ask if they had any houses available. We went down to the reception and asked how it looked. It looked to good to be true. A house that was 48sq.m. and didn’t cost much at all was availible for a whole week. We booked it. So now we have been here for 4 days, and is going to stay 7 more. This feeling is undescribebel, it’s a mix of spontaneous, fun, and a bit wild. I love it.


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