A canceled trip uncanceled

April 22, 2010

Name: Mikael Kjellnäs

Time and Date: 20:30 , 7/4-10

Place: At home (Bromma)


Last afternoon me and a friend of mine were hanging out and he asked again if we should go to Åre. We had discusst this one week earlier but only me, him and another friend of ours could go, and we wanted to be four people so that we could get a residence that wasn’t so small. But we both really wanted to go so we decided to call some people and ask them again. And last night it happened, a friend of mine called back and said she actually could go! Thrilled with excitement we went online to Skistar.com and booked a house! Then we called our friend that was on board from the beginning and he said that we could take his car and drive there. So now we were ready to go, so I got to packing and yearning for skiing.


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