April 21, 2010

Name: Hannah Fahd

Location: Gävle Strand

Date: 2010-04-12

It’s hard to understand, if you don’t feel it. And this is where i belive that many make their misstakes. By not spending a few moments to feel.

Days like these, when I sit with my friends by the water in the sun smoking home-rolled cigarettes, laughing and just living, makes me feel that I’m alive.  Maybe not just because of the cigarettes, but the emotion of that I’m right here and I’m the one controlling my life. Feeling the things I want to feel, loving everything I want to love. It is a bit different, scary, but also beautiful. Like these days which are unpredictable. Impossible to predict if someone makes a revolution, and rips his clothes off to jump in the water.

Days like these where we are busy coming up with new ways to tackle life.


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