A first glimpse

April 21, 2010


Name: Jonas Heder

Time: around 3PM

Place: outside my parents’ house in Täby Kyrkby

Yet another day I’m on my way home after a long day in school. What strikes me when closing in by our house is something glimpsing in the dirty ditch beside the road. Something colourful has somehow managed to slip through the seemingly ubiquitous gray and brown hue that has covered the landscape for so long. It’s a simple hepatica [blåsippa] but it sends a powerful message: that eventhough the harsh winter has held nature in its grasp, nature somehow always manages to survive and flourish once again. It makes me happy and I dream of all nice things that will happen during summer: barbequeing with friends, sitting on a rock close by the ocean, just listening to the waves of the sea; walking in the forest or having a cup of coffee at a pleasant café in the sunlight.


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