Back in Stockholm

April 20, 2010

Name: Oscar Karlsson
Place: Stockholm
Date: 10/4-2010
Sed #3

Back in Stockholm after a long and not so pleasing train ride. Tomorrow I’m travelling for Malta and my expectations are shot through the roof. Got to start packing and I really hate it because I know there’s always something I’m going to forget to pack. Might be a toothbrush or some clothier, I don’t know but there will be something. What struck me when I got back to Stockholm earlier is that the streets are completely empty of snow. If that’s not a sign of spring I don’t know what is.
Really can’t wait to get down to the medieterranean which now probably should have an average temperature of about 21 degree celsius. That’s like summer here for christ sakes. At least we’ll be able to enjoy the weather if something bad will happen down there.


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