Uncle Seb

April 18, 2010

Date/Time: 17-4-2010, 08:00

Place: Uppsala Sjukhus

Writer: Sebastian Brieger

Today a new life was born! My sister had a beautiful baby boy. They named him Alfred, and my father was thrilled as this was the name of the first king of England (my father comes from Scotland, but has a great interest in the history of Britain).

Anyway, this just so happens to make me an uncle. Uncle Seb, like the sound of that I must say! I will teach the little fellow all I know (actually maybe not everything, but I could definitely imagine being the funny clown of an uncle, contributing with joggling, singing songs etc!).

I think spring is the best time for a baby to be born. It somehow synchs with the rest of natures new little births, and makes everybody just a bit happier!


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