5. Junk food: Good for your health

April 17, 2010

Name: Alex Bikazzan

Date: 16-17/4-10

Location: Hallunda

I hate early mornings. Morning is the time of day you just want to get past so that you can move on with the rest of the day, desperately trying to get yourself up and out of the bed. Then you have to shower, dress and get yourself a somewhat decent look before you head on out. And on top of this you need to get something to eat.

On the contrary, I love the night. The silence after all the stores have closed, and all the cars have parked in their garages. Just being able to go out and hear nothing but the wind and your own breath. It’s really one of my favourite feelings and it is one I associate with both summer and spring.

That was the prologue. Now to my day.

After a short school day I went home to some dinner. Nothing fancy as usual on fridays (Does anyone really cook on fridays anyway?). After that I spoke to some friends trying to figure out what to do. As usual everyone wanted to different things and after a while I just borrowed my dads car and picked up 2 friends and we went home to a common friend of ours. We watched some TV, and a movie called “City of God”.

After that we went to a 24/7 McDonalds and even though I wasnt that hungry I still enjoyed just sitting there and chill out. Something I probably would not do during the day where you usually have a time to catch or a place to be.

Now I am off to bed because I have to wake up in 4 hours. Nighty!


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