Kalcidis pt. 5 – 16/4 – 2010

April 16, 2010

Name: Prince Joakim Kalcidis Far I
Location: Flemingsberg

I am not an obeah-man, a disciple of blakk magick or a meddler of the metaphysical arts known as Vodoun. You will not see me drench the bones of man in the blood of a black fowl. But …. right now I think I could have gained from having insight in these unorthodoxies – ‘cah the I would then invoke any nuance of spring possible and cling to it with all strength I can muster. You see … I just ain’t feeling this season and I need to pull these five pages of life together.

Didn’t feel rather inspired when I woke up this morning and instead of heading for class I put on a record and bubbled to the Caribbean rhythms while not trying to spill any herb-tea from my cup. Deep pounding bass lines with some well militant drum patterns just a crash with my ear drums. A woah! The one drop a clash with the rockers who in  turn test the wicked styles of the ital steppers. »Increase the pressure, star! Weh under heavy manners but rockers I ah deal wit’!« I proclaim to the speakerboxes who in turn dish out echoes in dub style.

Around two my bredder superstar, Kribba, calls and asks if I want him to check my results on the DB Tek-course. »Yes, lion youth« I respond with some confidence.

How the hell could I get an FX?!

So I turn back to the turntable and put on yet another record with deep dub. Roots-man style. Perpetually under pressure. But I cope with the heavy manners.

And for anyone who is a nutter for reggae be sure to tune in to the A1 station this Sunday and listen to New Romantic Possee live on your radio. Tune in if yuh rankin’!


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