A good day anyway.

April 15, 2010

14 April 2010, Lidingö

Picture: On the pizza. Unfortunately the picture is taken before baking.

Yesterday was the first day of school after the Easter break. It did not felt so good to get up and then go to school and sit in a lecture hall for four hours when the sun was shining outside. But I got very happy when the lecture finally ended and I was picked up by my friend Amanda. We went home to her and made pizza with lots of stuffing on: mushrooms, tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, ham, banana and shrimp. We also talked about everything between heaven and earth, particularly how nice it gonna be by summer. At eleven o’clock I went home and discovered that it was not as cold as I thought it would be. I also realized on my way home that I had a great day even if I could not be set out in the sun those hours in school.

Sofie Sjöstedt, day five of five (SED 5)


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