Stockholm at it’s best

April 13, 2010

When: Tuesday 13th of April

Where: Stockholm

Who: Eva Olsson

Post: 5 of 5

Too late to work at Huddinge high school and really stressed out I finally sat at the train out to the suburbs of Stockholm to convince kids that KTH is the best school in the whole world. I’ve missed the train I was supposed to catch to get in time, my ankle did hurt from last night when a drunken girl fell over me at a concert and made me stumble and sprain my ankle, and I just had a really bad morning, a really bad one. But then I finally started to relax, with Regina Spektor in my earphones and my morning coffee in my hand I started to look out through the window when the train headed south and I saw Söder in the morning sun. I started to feel something. It was a beautiful morning and Stockholm smiled at me and I started to think about how much I love this city at spring. I’ve traveled to a lot of cities through my life, New York is fantastic at spring, and so is Amsterdam and Geneva too. But nothing will never ever beat Stockholm when you sit too early and too tired at a train and see the sun slowly rise above the capital that slowly starts to wake up for another morning, nothing.


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