Creative Juices

April 13, 2010

Date/Time: 13-04-2010, 22:30
Place: Skälby, Stockholm
Writer: Sebastian Brieger

Today has been a pretty weird day. I had to get up at 6 o’clock to take my girl to the airport, as she is going for a trip to Tokyo. The whole night we were talking, and I had to try to convince her that flying with aeroflot is no big deal, she’ll be fine. This ment I slept about an hour (maximum) during last night. When I came back from the airport all I wanted to do was to sleep, and I tried. All to no avail though. Couldn’t relax for a second, so I got up again and started editing music. The entire day I’ve been sitting here, in front of my computer editing music, 14 hours of total now. As you can imagine I am pretty god damn tired now. So why sit for 14 hours and edit music you may ask?
Well I am a man of creativity. Nothing is more rewarding then letting ones knowledge, endurance and passion engage in a project from A to Z, resulting in a wonderful work of art. Culture, music, filosophy and art are all things that make us grow both humanly and personally. “One grows towards the hights of humanity” – as nietzsce so gracefully put it.


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