Sleepy hills

April 12, 2010

Name: Mikael Juntti
Date: 12/4-2010
Location: Hammarbyhöjden

SED #3

Today I went for a walk here in the Hammarby heights where I live. The outside temperature felt comfortable so I didn’t bring a hat, which I regretted when I walked up the Hammarby hill. The wind was insanely cold and I almost frose my ass off, but the incredible view made it all worthwile. I had my DSLR camera with me so I took the chance to shoot some pictures. I actually got some pretty descent ones.

During winter, Hammarby hill is actually a popular skiing slope. A couple of weeks ago people where still skiing here, but now the skiiers were gone and the skilifts stood still. Spring had come and mercilessly started to melt the snow away,  thereby putting an end to the ski season. If hills have feelings, I bet the hammarby hill was feeling really sad with all its skiiers gone. For a brief moment, I actually got a bit depressed as I stood there at the top, looking down the abondened slopes. But then I just imagined the hill was tired and had to sleep for a while, and that the skilifts would be moving once again when it wakes up.

Sleep well, Hammarby hill.


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