When you can hear birds singing

April 11, 2010

Name: Anna Nordlander

Date: 2010-04-10/11

Place: Vasastan, Stockholm


So it’s Saturday and school starts on Monday.. I decided to just have a calm evening at home and relax before school starts again. Since I play some computer games now and then (okay, maybe a bit more often than now and then) it was the perfect evening for a World of Warcraft night!

I was really excited and it was all good until I tried to log in and found out the login servers were down?! For the more inexperienced person that means you can’t log into the game and then obviously you can’t play at all. I felt like a real addict sitting in front of the computer the last Saturday of my Easter holidays, trying to log in for 1 hour (with my password on copy paste for faster tries of course). I stay home for one night to play this game I actually pay for every month, and then I can’t even log in?! All I wanted to do was to kill some dragons.. and now I can’t even do that, FML.

At 2 AM the servers finally came up and with great satisfaction I joined the world full of elves and other magic creatures. Time just flies by and when I took off my headset to get some water (no I don’t like JOLT cola) I could suddenly hear birds singing outside. This is not my first gaming-night this year but I couldn’t remember hearing birds before. It’s indeed spring time and it’s definitely bed time when you can hear birds singing!


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