PS3 4 the win

April 11, 2010

Kristian Orellana
Älta, Sweden

Got my new bedroom tv yesterday. Thanks EG!
Didn’t even consider looking out the window! It was time for me to play FFXIII, hell yeah!

It feels good to have two more days of nothing on my schedule. I actually played FF about ten hours, only pausing for bathroom breaks.

Cant wait for the sweeping machines to get rid of all gravel on the streets! Wanna get out and see if I still have the skillz needed to skate down that hill. Last time didn’t go as planned, ended up with a scraped knee and a hell of a grass stain.
Sry, lost the plot.
What bothers me most is the wlan at my house. When playing BFBC2 from my bedroom I get interference and the game lags. Gotta figure out a solution for this.

Okay, maybe you don’t get why I think FFXIII and BFBC2 are a sign of spring?
Release dates my friends! Release dates! They were both released during march 2010 and  I’ve been looking forward to this since last summer!

Okay! Breakfast time!


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