Thoughts From A Statue

April 10, 2010

Place: Västerås, Sweden                                           

Date/Time: 10/04/2010 , 22:30

Writer: Sebastian Brieger                                        

I’ve been partying and doing naughty stuff now for a couple of days, so today I’ve felt pretty wasted. I’ve felt kindof like a walking statue, my body slow and my mind not quite there. One can only handle a certain amount of fun until the body says no.

Allthough as coincidences seem to accurately accure when not planned to, like me being here in Västerås with parties going on, and a classmate working at a bar down the road, it seems like I might not brake the delightful trend I’ve set up for my self this spring holiday. The beer shall flow once again as some wise man once said.

Allthough I haven’t just been a sack of potatoes today. I went and got some pizza with my girl, sat down at the computer and let my unexisting photoshop skills take over for a while. Taking a picture and using ones mind and artistic side to twist the picture into some interesting thought is actually quite interesting, and I think I’ll be doing it more often. I tried illustrating how I feel, like a statue, my mind elsewhere.


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