The Dynamics of Spring

April 10, 2010

Name: Gustaf Lundström
Date: 9 April
Location: Stockholm

It’s raining. The wind is forcing the trees to play a haunting melody but besides that it’s dead quiet. I’m walking home late at night and wherever I look there are shadows, resembling some dark creatures, to greet me. This might not be your typical spring setting but as someone else pointed out spring in Sweden is not all about sun, warmth and birds singing. For a second I consider taking the forest road, which is a bit shorter, but after a quick glance I quickly abandon that idea. Instead I insert my headphones and turn on the title track of Opeth’s Blackwater Park.

For those not familiar with the tune playing that track a dark and rainy night is somewhat equivalent to having a grill-party playing Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader, cruising down the Las Vegas Strip playing Viva Las Vegas by Elvis, cutting yourself in the wrists playing Kent (any song will do) or even riding a Spitfire killing nazis listening to Aces High by Iron Maiden. I’m recommending, to anyone willing (and not afraid of “cookie monster-vocals”), this experience the next time you walk home late at night, though alcohol consumption might be a risk when trying this. To me this is just a hidden part of spring, though quite literary not in the spotlight but still a part of my impression of the season. It’s dynamicity is what makes it so interesting, to offer such different moods and feelings.


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