Spring feelings & computer crash

April 10, 2010

Name: Robin Helly
Date: 10/4-2010
Location: Djurö (Värmdö)


This last days have been a bit up and down. It started this thursday were the spring butterflies returned to the stomach and gave my family some spring feelings. We visited a labrador breeder with puppies for sale, she had eight with the color yellow and one that was black, together with a friend of ours because she was going to buy one of the puppies. Well, that’s really dangerous because it ended up with that we booked the black puppy and it will move to our home in the end of April.

Thursday evening when we were at home I wanted to move the pictures from my camera to my computer, something that ended with that the computer died and when I wanted to start it again I only got a black screen. So yesterday I tried to rescue my computer and all my pictures and files, something that didn’t work, but hopefully  I’ve found a way now to save all that was on the computer and I just have to reinstall the operating system.

That’s all from someone who is both angry and really happy. Thanks that spring exists!


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