Walking the monster

April 9, 2010

Name: Gustaf Lundström

Date: 8 April
Location: Ekerö, Stockholm

Yesterday started out really great weather-wise so I thought I’d take the dog out for a bit of jogging. This is something I rarely do except during spring and summer mostly because of the temperature. It’s not far to the running track but far enough for me to get annoyed by the dog slowing me down. In other words I didn’t have much time to enjoy the nice spring weather before entering the slightly more sun-filtering forest.

The plan was to go to the small skiing slope called Ekebyhovsbacken and basically check out the view from the top. Although tired, I didn’t regret the decision one bit because the view really is something. Without being too vague I have to say there is something special about watching Globen from tens of thousands of meters away, all alone (except for the dog who was busy looking for stuff to eat) just feeling the wind and a light drizzle falling. These moments are rare but I think they’re more frequent now than say during the summer when you’re busy fulfilling the plans you’ve made. That, in a way, makes these moments essential because the eyes are the windows to your soul and I’m quite convinced the soul needs to be shaken every once in a while not to wither away. Ehm.. and that’s for not being vague!


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